COVID19 Fantasy in Oils

What do you think this is? I attest to, after attempting pure abstraction, the emergence of some suggestion of virology or perhaps microscopy. I’m hoping someone sees my painting and adds to its fantastical suggestion of comprehending a strange pathogen. As externalities to secure laboratories there is always variability in the definitive quantification of perceptionsContinue reading “COVID19 Fantasy in Oils”

Bald Eagle

A POEM FOR AEGLE Fish Hawk “Haliaeetus Leucocephalus“ “ae ae aesculapius of the aether… …originates as archaeopteryx” The aether’s archaeopteryx reigns… aloft, see in dreams… which aesclepius sustains… for nature’s height hath caduceus brains… So the ether’s archaeopteryx must… rove the air, to tell… in trust… adeptly weaving worlds… with words! …and while weaving… proceedContinue reading “Bald Eagle”